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Burch Spas sells only the highest quality spa covers, which come with a 3-year warranty against water absorption. The covers are available in any size, with over 1000 patterns available or custom made to fit your spa. We can make covers for any hot tub including free form, and oversize. All covers use marine grade vinyl and energy efficient polystyrene inserts. Inserts are heat sealed with a poly vapor moisture barrier to protect against water absorption. UV inhibitors in both the vinyl and thread prevent premature aging of your spa cover, which all add up to a superior product!
We have 12 different color options from which to choose. We also stock cover accessories including six different styles of spa cover lifts to work with your spa.

All replacement spa covers are made by Core Covers, the #1 cover producer in the industry.

Burch Spas replacement hot tub covers

Burch Spas replacement hot tub covers

Core Covers produce a product which meets and exceeds all safety requirements. Our products have undergone testing in independent laboratories certifying our products have met the critical standards for safety.

100% of our materials are cut by machines thus perfect adherence to specifications, efficiency, and greater capacity.

All covers are “double stitched” at all points of stress. In fact over 30 strategic points of the cover.

Core Covers include a 3-year warranty which is not prorated.


Burch Spas replacement hot tub covers

Burch Spas replacement hot tub covers

Discount Spa And Hot Tub Cover prices
Up to 8×8

  • 4×2 taper deluxe cover $410

  • 5×3 taper deluxe cover $425

  • 6×4 taper deluxe cover $445

Prices include shipping or local delivery

All deluxe covers include heavy duty safety straps, four childproof locks, steam stoppers, heavy duty handles and are ASTM approved.
We do not sell economy covers and do not recommend them.

If you need help measuring, give Burch Spas a call. We will walk you thru the measuring process to make sure we have the correct measurements.

Hot Tub and Spa COLORS

Measuring your spa cover

It is best to measure the shell of your spa rather than your existing cover. If the old cover does not fit properly, then your new cover would not fit properly.

Measuring you Spa for a new cover

Measure from outside of the shell to the outside of the shell
the longest side of your spa is the length.
The shortest side is the width.
If your spa has a rounded corner, then you can simply use a carpenter square.

( see diagram above )
or you can square off with a piece of paper.

Measure the length of the skirt, the skirt is the flap that hangs down and covers the outside of the shell. Those are the measurements you need and you are done.

The fold of the cover is always cut down halfway the length of the cover.

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