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View our discount hot tubs and spas series with standard features such as ozone systems, synthetic cabinets, solid abs bottoms and the most reliable electronic control systems available. All spas and hot tubs are built with the extreme insulation package and come with a upgraded 5 to 3 taper childproof cover

A large variety of hot tubs and spas
With over 20 models of discount hot tubs and spas to choose from, whether its a smaller 2 seater to a large 7 seat hot tub theres something for everyone. You can choose from a wide variety of rich marble or natural stone like finishes and colors along with 3 different cabinet colors, matching synthetic steps are included with every model

Choosing Spas And Hot Tubs
Hot Tub Sizes and Price Considerations
When shopping for spas and hot tubs, first decide on the type and size of spa. Decide on what amount you would like to spend! Small spas and small hot tubs tend to cost less depending on the features. They hold less people but take up less space when space is an issue. A small hot tub works well for a couple or small family who do not plan on a lot of entertaining. If you have a large family or plan on entertaining more often a large spa would be a better choice because you can simply fit more people. Large spas and large hot tubs tend to have more features

Choose A Style Of Spa And Features
Spas and hot tubs come in two styles; Lounger and Non-Lounger. Non-Lounger spas tend to hold more people but lack a lay down seat called a lounger. Spa and hot tub features include: size of pumps, number of pumps, amount of jets, pillows, fiber optic systems , mp3 players, electronic controls, and ozone systems are features which make taking care of water chemistry easier.

Location And Safety Considerations

Your hot tub or spa must be placed on a solid level surface.
Trees and shade, direction of sunlight, privacy and wind should be taken into consideration when choosing the location for your hot tub.
Also consider the ease of access for filling and drainage and hot tub service.
Always consider safe and easy step entrance to your spa.
For safety, your hot tub should be located at least ten feet from the main electrical panel.
Consider the weight of spas or hot tubs if considering a raised or deck installation.
All electrical work should be done by a licensed, qualified electrician who is familiar with the wiring of spas and hot tubs.